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The technicians here at Disaster Pros use the most advanced and innovative technology to identify water leaks and areas affected by moisture to accurately assess your problem, find the leak, and provide solutions for any home or commercial building . In combination with moisture meters and advanced infrared & thermal imaging technology, we can identify and map affected areas that the naked eye cannot visibly see. We pride ourselves in our ability to locate leaks and restore your property to like new condition with minimal damage. From start to finish, we can handle every stage of your leak related problem.

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There are a handful of local leak detection companies here in Florida, but no one comes close to our customer service & family oriented way of doing business & no one provides you with an opportunity to receive your leak detection for FREE. We know your home is your sanctuary and we intend to keep it that way. Our leak detection technicians always arrive on time and take important steps to ensure your property is not disturbed when locating problematic leaks.

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